Friday, June 1, 2012

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the director’s part?
▪     Attentiveness to and trust in God
▪     Responsiveness to God and to the directee
▪     Attentiveness to the directee’s life journey

What is the directee’s part?
▪     Attentiveness to and trust in God
▪     Desire to share one’s life journey
▪     Openness to receive direction from God

How frequent are the sessions?
It’s up to the directee. Once every two weeks, to get started, may be helpful. After that, once a month works well.

Where will we meet?
We’ll meet in a quiet, secure, and peaceful place. I currently meet directees in offices at the Church of the Nativity in Northborough and Christ Church (Episcopal) Cathedral in Springfield. Other options are also available.

How do we get started?
Contact me at 508-410-9008 or to make an appointment. We’ll explore the possibility of engaging in spiritual direction.

What about finances?
We’ll discuss an affordable arrangement during our first session. A fee supports the director’s ministry. It also gives the directee incentive to get the most from our time together. 

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