Thursday, July 19, 2012

Quiet Days

I coordinated Quiet Days for Grace Church, Oxford, MA ( the most recent seasons of Advent and Lent. Here's a quick tutorial that may prompt you to participate.

What is a Quiet Day?
It’s a day, or part of a day, set apart from normal activities to pay attention to God and to His activity in our lives. It can be time spent alone or in community with others. At Grace, we typically begin with a Mass; then we spend extended times in silence with the Lord. A leader breaks the silence, from time to time, with devotional thoughts to provide ideas or themes for the participants to meditate on in the silence.

How long is a Quiet Day?
Our first two Quiet Days were held in the morning. We are thinking of offering a whole six-hour day to provide opportunities for more people to participate. The day would begin at 9:00 a.m. with a Mass. Then we would enter into silence. We would break for lunch at noon and experience silence again until 3:00 p.m. For a shorter Quiet Day, you could begin at 9 o’clock and leave after lunch. As an alternative, you could begin with lunch at noon and join us in silence until 3 o’clock. Another option is to enter and leave at various points as your schedule permits. Yet, for longer-lasting results, it is good to participate for as long as possible.

What will I do at a Quiet Day?
We will provide helpful resources for you to meditate on. The homily during the Mass and meditations throughout the day provide food for contemplation. If you have developed a method or a routine for being in silence with the Lord, we invite you to continue with that practice. You may feel God inviting you to meditate on a passage from the Bible that recently came to life for you. The best way to discover what a Quiet Day is all about is to come and to enter into the experience.

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